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The domain name was first registered on June 17, 2005 from GoDaddy.com but later transferred to Namecheap.com on October 5, 2010. Tetsunosuke.com initially resided on it's own dedicated server, purchased from Tomsyer.net between mid 2005 to early 2006. After Tomsyer.net's closure, Tetsunosuke.com was then moved to DreamHost, where it still currently resides.

The purpose of Tetsunosuke.com is to provide quality website hosting and sponsoring to all animanga and video game related websites for absolutely no cost whatsoever. Many times, we come across free webhosts for the general public, which doesn't always meet the needs of sites in our community. Services from Tetsunosuke.com comes with more space, bandwidth and guaranteed adless hosting, all for the sake of providing better quality hosting for our community.

Although Tetsunosuke.com is a 100% free web hosting website, donations to help relieve a bit of the bills are always more than welcome. To donate, please use the button below or send paypal donations to megori@gmail.com.

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